The Company:    

Garnet Instruments Ltd. began its operations in October 1993.  It is located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.  The facility consists of three 4000 square foot warehouse/office bays which house the manufacturing, assembly, shipping, service and office areas.  In 2000, Garnet Technologies Inc. was set up in Granbury, Texas as our US subsidiary to provide quicker distribution, direct sales, and on-site technical support if required, to our network of dealers and distributors within the United States. 

Our areas of technical expertise include digital and analog electronics, micro-power circuitry, and fibre optics. Our goal is to investigate product requirements which have not been addressed by existing products in order to provide high quality, unique equipment specifically designed to address those requirements, particularly in the petroleum and recreational vehicle industry. 

The success of the past 19 years has demonstrated that we are a progressive, innovative company with a proven ability to meet the needs of the market. We believe that product support coupled with quality engineering and use of quality components has contributed greatly to our growth and long term success.

The People:    

President: George Fraser, P.Eng.
Mr. Fraser is an Electrical Engineer with a Masters Degree in electronics. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of electronic design and fibre optics, and has past experience in the oil industry.  He is in charge of engineering and operations at our manufacturing facility in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.

Secretary - Treasurer: Don Shapansky
Mr. Shapansky is an experienced entrepreneur involved in the auto and heavy truck industry since the late 1950's. He has been a business partner in family businesses for 25 years which operated RV franchises, wholesale parts, an aircraft franchise and a restaurant franchise.  Don is the marketing manager for Garnet's entire operations, and in addition, he heads up our US subsidiary, Garnet Technologies Inc. which is operated out of Granbury, Texas. 

Garnet currently employs an additional 35 people in the sales, finance, development, manufacturing and service departments of the company.

The Products:    

Garnet has developed a variety of commercial tank gauges and spill control products for the tank truck, portable tank and stationary tank applications and continues to provide the latest in state of the art instrumentation. Garnet has also developed a completely new digital tank monitor system for Recreational Vehicles. 

New product development and existing product improvement continues on an ongoing basis. Garnet has a patented, breakthrough design for a liquid level gauge in truck tanks, which provides not only level information but also the first totally automated spill prevention system for applications using on-board pumps for loading product.

The self powered, digital SeeLeveL II system for mobile and stationary tanks is based on the same technology, providing extremely high levels of accuracy and ease of installation.  The new line of tank monitor systems for recreational vehicles has also been developed and is receiving wide spread support from various manufacturers.  Please visit our consumer web site at www.rvgauge.com for more details.

The Customers:    

Garnet enjoys an excellent reputation with its customers, who range from major oil companies to small transport companies, RV manufacturers, and individuals who install their own equipment. As part of our strategy to provide the best service to the customer, Garnet markets its products through local dealers/distributors which are properly equipped and trained to effectively install and service Garnet equipment.

If you have further questions about Garnet or its products and services, please feel free to call us at 800-617-7384 (Canada) or 877-668-7813 (United States).  Or check out our list of dealers and distributors to find the one nearest to you.

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